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Poker terminologies

See donkey a player who plays the game poorly.
Drawing Live A hand which can hit specific cards to win the hand is said to be drawing live.Compare with bug window card An upcard in stud poker.A stronger hand than the underfull.Typically a player who limped would have folded had there been a raise.Straightforward, "by the book" poker meaning you raise when you think you have the best hand, fold when you don't and rarely bluff.Various games have different rules about how to handle this irregularity.See main article: bluff.See list of poker hands and lowball (poker) In deuce-to-seven lowball, the nut low hand (2-3-4-5-7) wild card See main article: wild card.
I'll take half your action.
There are no rebuys and play continues until one player has all the chips.Chop 1) When two players have the same hand, they split, or chop, the pot.Compare with half bet rule.Players close to the left of the button are in early, or bad position, while players on or to the right of the button are in late, or good position.Also see made hand pay off To call a bet when the player is most likely drawing dead because the pot odds justify the call.Wrap A straight draw with 13 or more outs in Omaha.In Texas hold'em and Omaha, the window card is the first card shown when the dealer puts out the three cards for plastifieuse casino the flop.2) When a player is deemed to intoxicated to receive any more alcohol.Also used to refer to buying some or all of another player's investment in a game or wager.3) A measure of how active a game.